Colloid and Interface Science / Biomimetic Materials Chemistry

Bottom-up Assembly of Synthetic Cells and Cell-like Environments

Self- & Directed Nano/Microwire Assembly

Group News:

Postdoctoral Opening in Biomimetic Mineralization

May 11 – Drs. Liddell & Cacace return to PSU for the graduation ceremony

May 8 – New paper in Langmuir: Aqueous multi-phase systems within water-in-oil emulsion droplets for the construction of genetically encoded cellular mimics

February 21 – Kristi Liddell successfully defends her Ph.D. Thesis

                    Congratulations, Dr. Liddell!!

Dr Kristi

February 11 – New paper on sequential reactions in complex media with collaborators in Armaou and Maranas groups appears as "just accepted" in Journal of Physical Chemistry B!

January 30 – Christopher Strulson successfully defends his Ph.D. Thesis
                    Congratulations, Dr. Strulson!!

January 13 – First day of class, Spring Semester 2014.  Prof. Keating is teaching CHEM 597A, "Chemical Nanoscience" this semester.

December 30 – New review on Phase Separation as a Possible Means of Nuclear Compartmentalization appears as Ch 5 of a special volume of the IRCMB: New Models of the Cell Nucleus: Crowding, Entropic Forces, Phase Separation, and Fractals, Edited by Ronald Hancock and Kwang W. Jeon

December 5 –  David Cacace successfully defends his Ph.D. Thesis
                        Congratulations Dr. Cacace!!


December 5 – New paper on orientational alignment of multicomponent nanocylinders with collaborators in Fichthorn group appears as "Just Accepted" in ACS Nano!

November 22 –  Chemistry first-year graduate student Allyson Marianelli joins the lab
                         Welcome, Allyson!

October 11 – New paper on micro well-directed assembly of vertical nanowire arrays appears online in the journal Particle and Particle Systems Characterization!

September 5 – Dr. Paola Torre arrives as a 1-year visiting postdoc from U. Trento.  
                         Welcome, Paola!

August 26 – First day of Fall classes at Penn State

August 23 –– Sarah Boehm passes her Comprehensive Exam.  Congratulations, Sarah! 

August 19  ––  New paper in LangmuirBiorecognition by DNA Oligonucleotides after Exposure to Photoresists and Resist Removers

August 18 - 21 – Prof. Keating attends the BES Biomolecular Materials PI meeting

August 8-9 –– Lab Cleanup Days

August 1 –– REU and RET symposium and poster presentations; Great job REU students Allison and Marimer & RET teachers Terri and Cortney

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