Colloid and Interface Science / Biomimetic Materials Chemistry

Bottom-up Assembly of Synthetic Cells and Cell-like Environments

Self- & Directed Nano/Microwire Assembly

Group News:

Postdoctoral Opening in Biomimetic Mineralization

August 20 – New paper in J. Phys. Chem. B published as Just Accepted: Interactions of macromolecular crowding agents and cosolutes with small molecule substrates: Effect on horseradish peroxidase activity with two different substrates.

August 20 – New paper in Nature Communications: Bioreactor droplets from liposome-stabilized all-aqueous emulsions

July 31 – REU student end of summer talks and posters - great job, Jiovanna, Kimberly and Robyn!

July 29 – Lab Cleanup Day

July 28 – Brad Davis successfully defends his PhD Thesis

               Congratulations, Dr. Davis!!

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July 3 – Collaborator Sheref Mansy visits from U Trento, Italy, and presents a great talk on"Integrating artificial with natural cells"

June 22 – Chris visits Dr. German Rivas and his research group  in Madrid at the CIB Cellular and Molecular Biology Department and presents a lecture, “Polymer solutions as a model cytoplasm in primitive artificial cells.”

June 14 – Chris travels to Italy to attend Biointerfaces GRC, where she chairs session on Synthetic Cells in which Profs. Luisi and Bayley present excellent lectures

May 27 – REU students arrive!  Welcome to Jiovanna Hermosillo (California State University Channel Island), Robyn Emery (Northwest University), and Kimberly Guzman Betancourt (University of Puerto Rico, Cayey)

May 11 – Drs. Liddell & Cacace return to PSU for the graduation ceremony

May 8 – New paper in Langmuir: Aqueous multi-phase systems within water-in-oil emulsion droplets for the construction of genetically encoded cellular mimics

May 3– New paper in Nano Research: Oxide-on-graphene field effect transistors. 

February 21 – Kristi Liddell successfully defends her Ph.D. Thesis

                    Congratulations, Dr. Liddell!!

Dr Kristi

February 11 – New paper on sequential reactions in complex media with collaborators in Armaou and Maranas groups appears as "just accepted" in Journal of Physical Chemistry B!

January 30 – Christopher Strulson successfully defends his Ph.D. Thesis
                    Congratulations, Dr. Strulson!!

January 13 – First day of class, Spring Semester 2014.  Prof. Keating is teaching CHEM 597A, "Chemical Nanoscience" this semester.

December 30 – New review on Phase Separation as a Possible Means of Nuclear Compartmentalization appears as Ch 5 of a special volume of the IRCMB: New Models of the Cell Nucleus: Crowding, Entropic Forces, Phase Separation, and Fractals, Edited by Ronald Hancock and Kwang W. Jeon

December 5 –  David Cacace successfully defends his Ph.D. Thesis
                        Congratulations Dr. Cacace!!


December 5 – New paper on orientational alignment of multicomponent nanocylinders with collaborators in Fichthorn group appears as "Just Accepted" in ACS Nano!

November 22 –  Chemistry first-year graduate student Allyson Marianelli joins the lab
                         Welcome, Allyson!

October 11 – New paper on micro well-directed assembly of vertical nanowire arrays appears online in the journal Particle and Particle Systems Characterization!

September 5 – Dr. Paola Torre arrives as a 1-year visiting postdoc from U. Trento.  
                         Welcome, Paola!

August 26 – First day of Fall classes at Penn State

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