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NASA Postdoctoral Program - Astrobiology

Considering Penn State Chemistry for Graduate School? 

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Penn State Department of Chemistry

Penn State Graduate Program and Online Application

Already at Penn State and interested in joining the Keating lab?

Graduate students

It is now possible for chemistry graduate students to do "mini rotations" in several labs during the fall semester of their first year, prior to filling out their preceptor selection forms.  We encourage all incoming students to do several of these in order to find the best match of their scientific interests with those of the labs they are considering.  If you are interested in rotating with us, please contact Prof. Keating.

As of Fall 2018, we have graduate student openings in bioinspired mineralization, experimental model systems for intracellular condensates, and lipid self-assembly under intracellular-like conditions.

Prof. Keating is also a member of the graduate faculty in Bioengineering.


HIghly motivated undergraduates majoring in science or engineering fields are encouraged to consider joining us to perform undergraduate research.  Interested students should have reasonably large blocks of time available on their schedule to devote to research (i.e., chunks of 3+ hrs in a row).  Past undergraduate researchers have gone on to doctoral programs, medical school, and MD/PhD programs.  Several students have co-authored publications in peer-reviewed journals based on their research.  A limited number of positions are available; contact Prof. Keating for more information.

We also welcome undergraduate researchers to the lab each summer through several Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) programs on campus.  

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