Keating Group Alumni

If you are a lab alumnus and your information is not up-to-date, please send your current info!

Postdoctoral Fellows:

Dr. Bo He, Development Engineer, First Solar

Dr. Ann-Sofie Cans, Chalmers University of Technology (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Dr. Marcus Helfrich, Department of Agriculture, State of North Carolina

Dr. Clint Jones, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Department Chair, Mercyhurst College (Erie, PA) (website)

Dr. Ramazan Kizil, Istanbul Technical University (Istanbul, Turkey)

Dr. Mahnaz El-Kouedi, Manager of Strategic Projects, Tufts University (Medford, MA)

Graduate Students:

Dr. Erica Frankel, Dow Chemical Company

Dr. Sarah Boehm, Chemist, Ph.D. Professional Development Program at BASF, Construction Systems, BASF         

Dr. Dan Dewey, Department of Labor, State of West Virginia

Dr. William Aumiller, Development Editor, American Chemical Society

Dr. David Kirby, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Notre Dame College, 

Dr. Brad Davis, Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department, Waynesburg University 

Dr. Dacid Cacace, Process Engineer, Intel Corporation (Portland, OR)

Dr. Kristi Liddell, Coordinator of Chemistry Instrumentation, Daemen College (Amherst, NY)

Dr. Ben Smith, Visiting Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department, Saint Francis University (Loretto, PA)

Dr. Paola Torre, visiting graduate student from University of Trento, now postdoc in Brujic lab at NYU

Dr. Chris Strulson, Senior Scientist, Merck

Dr. Meghan Andes-Koback, Associate TS&D Scientist, Personal Care, DOW Chemical (Philadelphia, PA)

Dr. Rosalynn Molden (M.S. PSU 2009), Scientist at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (Tarrytown NY)

Dr. Jackie Keighron, Postdoctoral IRTA Fellow, The National Institute on Drug Abuse (Baltimore, MD)

Dr. Stacey Dean-Sioss, Staff Compounder, The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company (Akrin, OH)

Dr. Kristin Cederquist, DCN Diagnostics, Carlsbad, CA

Dr. Sarah Brunker, Postdoc, Walt Group, Tufts University (Medford, MA)

Dr. Thomas Morrow, Senior Analytical Scientist II, Analytical Project Lead, Novartis Pharmaceuticals (Fort Worth, TX)

Dr. Lisa Dominak, Postdoc, Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland, OH)

Dr. Lisa Quimby, Instrumentation Manager, Skidmore College (Saratoga Springs, NY)

Dr. James Sioss, Precursor/Precipitation Team Leader,, BASF (Beachwood, OH)

Dr. Rebecca (Stoermer) Golightly, Research Consultant-Chemistry/Assay Design, H2Ootx (San Jose, CA)

Dr. M. Scott Long, Postdoc, Wirth Group, University of Arizona (Tuscon, AZ)

Dr. Glenn Goodrich, Acting COO, Vice President, Process and Development Chemistry, Nanospectra Biosciences (Houston, TX)

Dr. Shawn Mulvaney, Naval Research Laboratory (Washington, DC)

Dr. Sheila Nicewarner-Pena, Postdoc, Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine, George Mason University (Manassas, VA)

Dr. David Pena, Program Manager, TASC, and Engility Company (Washington, DC)

Dr. Brian Reiss, NPI Quality Manager, Cabot Microelectronics

Dr. Lin He, Program Director at National Science Foundation (Arlington, VA)

Francis Reyes, M.S., graduate student, Batey Group, University of Colorado at Boulder

William Charette, M.S.

Lauren Mangeney-Slavin, M.S.

Jihye Kim (graduate student, Asbury Group, Penn State)

Julie Brennan

Undergraduate Students:

Jake Shaffer, REU student summer 2017 (U Pitt Johnstown)

Natalia Alexander, PREM REU student 2017 (Cal State LA)

Ismail Ibrihim, PREM REU student 2017 (North Carolina Central Univ)

Madeline Yu, REU student 2017 (Penn State University)

Mizrain Ramirez, PREM REU student 2016 (North Carolina Central Univ)

Kleyser Agueda, PREM REU student 2016 (North Carolina Central Univ), now a graduate student in Penn State MatSE

Nermina Brljak, NNIN REU student summer 2015

Kimberly Guzman Betancourt, REU student summer 2014

Robyn Emery, Northwest University, NNIN REU student summer 2014

Jiovana Hermosillo, REU student summer 2014

Allison Wustrow, NNIN REU student

Glesmarie Ortiz Zaya, REU student, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus

Pedro Rivera Pomales, REU student, Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico

Katelyn Cohen, REU student, now at Temple University

Erica Gundermann, now at Temple University

Claudia Luiggi, REU student, Universidad de Puerto Rico en Mayaguez

Isamar Ortiz-Rivera, REU student, Universidad de Puerto Rico en Cayey, now a graduate student in Sen lab at Penn State

Pedro Gonzalez, REU student, Universidad de Puerto Rico en Cayey

Karla Santos, REU student, Universidad de Puerto Rico en Cayey

Matthew Borgia, Biomaterials & Bionanotechnology Summer Institute, Penn State University

Justin Minnion, Penn State University

Greg Hild, REU student, Texas A&M Corpus Christi

Julianna Deakyne, Penn State University

Alex Okert, Penn State University

Sean McFarland, Biomaterials & Bionanotechnology Summer Institute, Clarion University

Darimar Hernandez, REU student, Universidad de Puerto Rico en Cayey

Gene Cozza, Penn State Universty

Karrera Djoko

Mark Etherton

Danielle Perry

David Bush

Martin Schierhorn, graduate student, University of California, Santa Barbara

Honorary Group Members:

Dr. Nate Siegfried, graduate student, Bevilacqua Group. Postdoc, Weeks Group, UNC Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC)

Dr. TJ Mullen, graduate student, Weiss Group. Postdoc, Liu Group, UC Davis (Davis, CA) 

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