Our current research program is interested in synthetic methodology, synthesis of natural products, medicinal chemistry, and carbohydrates.

Organic synthesis is the foundation of the whole program. We are interested in developing new synthetic methodologies based on transition metal catalyzed functionalization of C-H bonds. Those methodologies will be employed in the synthesis of complex natural products (especially novel non-ribosomal peptides) with interesting biological activities. Structure & activity studies will be further carried out to explore their biological functions as either chemical probes or drug candidates. We are also interested in synthetic and biological studies of complex carbohydrates. Chemical synthesis of those carbohydrates and bio-conjugation with proteins, with the assistance of fluorescence imaging, will allow us to study their intrinsic function inside the cell. In addition to revealing their molecular mechanisms, we hope that these studies will facilitate the development of valuable carbohydrate-based therapeutic and diagnostic reagents. Moreover, we are interested in developing new epigenetic drug for cancer treatment.