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Welcome to the Jensen Research Group

Our research focuses on developing new theoretical and computational tools for addressing fundamental questions relevant to optical spectroscopy of bio- and nano-systems. We are particularly interested in understanding how one can use enhanced Raman spectroscopy to selectively probe a specific subsystem of a more complex system.

Group News

June. 2013:
Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Silverstein!

June. 2012: Congratulations to Dr. Seth Morton! Good luck at Intel.

Apr. 2012:
Our group joins CaSTL: Chemistry at The Space - Time Limit.

Dec. 2011:
Congratulations to Lasse for receiving the ACS HP Outstanding Junior Faculty Award for 2012.

Nov. 2011: We welcome two new graduate students, Phillip Weiss and Dhabih Chulahi, two new undergraduate studenst: Ishita Trivedi and Phil Salant, to our group.

Oct. 2011: Congratulations to Lasse for receiving the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE).

July 2010:
We welcome Dr. John Payton to our group.

Jan. 2010:
Our group has received NSF CAREER Award.