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1. "Extinction, Scattering and Absorption Efficiencies of Multilayer Nanoparticles"
B. K. Juluri; T. J. Huang; L. Jensen (2010), DOI: 10254/nanohub-r8228.2.

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DEMO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yp2_N1zj5oU

Using MIE formulation, this module calculates the extinction, scattering, and absorption efficiencies of
  • single nanoparticle (1 layer),
  • core-shell nanoparticle (2 layer),
  • and nanomatryushka nanoparticle (3 layer).

2. Nano-optics Simulator

A prototype of the “Nano-optics simulator” visualization module is developed in VPython (shown on the right).

The nanoparticle diameters and width/heights are adjusted interactively to change the shape of the particle. The color of the nanoparticle is determined by its extinction properties and updates automatically as the shape changes.