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Nina Kovtyukhova's paper on graphite intercalation and exfoliation was featured on the cover of Nature Chemistry in November 2014.

Energy research comes cheap

Nina Kovtyukhova, 1952-2017

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Justin Youngblood's JACS paper on visible light water splitting was featured on the cover of Chemistry World, May 2009.

Tiger's nanomotors are staggering

Visible light water splitting still needs work

Nanomotors are "fantastic" (watch the video)

Practical artificial photosynthesis is only 10 years away

From C student to BMOC

Seeing the possibilities

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Seeing chemistry differently

Laura Hoch receives the Evans Award from Schreyer Honors College Dean, Christian Brady.

Don't be a muggle!

Catalysis in motion

Hydrogen - it's a gas.

Building a better tomorrow, one layer at a time.

Memory is an adjective, dwarf is a verb.

Morgan Mihok makes murky mixture

Brian Reiss gets his wires crossed

DNA could help tiny circuits make themselves

Image of a gold-platinum nanorod catalytic motor, featured in Scientific American, May 2009.

Erik and his color Stylewriter make beautiful music together

More news and photos of Erik

Chad's lonely quest for a better photocatalyst

Sherman "Rusty" Ponder tackles Tc-99

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Mature men are misty-eyed over moletronics

Tom: hold on to your day job.