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Chemistry and Physics Music Videos

We pleased to provide these links to the greatest music videos of all time:

            The atom song
            The element song
            The mole rap
            The gas law rap
            A rap about molarity and molality
            A very funny chemical party
            A brilliant summary of the first and second laws of thermodynamics by Flanders and Swann.
            Get down on pi bonding with Rich Shoemaker's Molecular Orbital Blues.
            Resistant to base, an organic chemistry music video.
            The nano song, an extraordinary production!
             Particle physics at its best in the large hadron rap
             Mind-expanding quotes from some of our favorite science guys in the the symphony of science
             Hold up, check your work, it's mathmaticious
             Watch out if you take over someone's bad project

...and to some less consequential products of our own imagination:

            Hey little ions, captured live in Chem 110H

             Semiconductor doping explained in n-doped, based on a much harder-to-spoof song.
             (Lead vocal: Jon Bojan; Music and lip synch: Justin Timberlake; Bass, backup vocal, echo, Garage Band effects: T. Mallouk;
             Video: Blake Farrow)

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